We started SaharaGaming because it seems there are only a few “big” brands that dominate the whole market and drive people’s idea plus expensive prices. As we believe you can get better quality but decent price.

That is why we started checking all the prices on the market and all design details, then we could see there is a big gap for the people who likes new ideas, try new designs with tight budget. At the end of day , not everyone can drive Ferrari or Bentley but how to provide similar quality with BMW prices is our goal.

Along the way, we have been Amazon's number 1 bestselling case many times also awards from many professional computer product review site's. Surely we are one of Youtuber’s favourite review brand as we always provide new or different idea of product design.

We want to be a friendly and close to gamer’s company also love to listen to your suggestions, opinions or even ideas. That is why our Facebook is growing very fast which everyone there is just like a family. Surely we can’t 100% look after everyone but we always try to cover as much as we can.

Join us today…..because we are writing the history together and it will be nice to have you together.